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6th April 2021

September Recruitment: iday Is Back And It’s Totally Virtual

It’s been a while, but we are really excited to announce that our life-changing iday’s are back with new dates and new opportunities in schools across the UK.

For teachers abroad looking to come to the UK or those already teaching here, iday has always been just one of the great reasons to register with us. We’ll cover the basics below, but if you have any questions, your Engage consultant would be more than happy to talk you through the process!

Need Virtual Interviews tips? Our guide can help.

   What Is A Virtual iday?

In previous years we’ve run extremely successful in-person iday’s.  94% of teachers attending went home with a job offer and many gave us excellent feedback on their positive experience interviewing with multiple schools. In the last few years we’ve run both virtual and in-person idays to support teachers coming from all over the world to teach in the UK’s world-leading education system. This year,  all our iday events will be virtual. For schools, it means significantly less time wasted on interviewing unsuitable candidates and reducing the time it takes to make great new hires. Employers can be sure they are interviewing fully vetted, suitable candidates and can focus on how they might fit into their school environment and their classroom. For teachers, it means connecting with genuine employers looking to hire passionate, dedicated teachers, without having to make long trips abroad. Registration is available to qualified teachers anywhere. If you are serious about teaching in the UK and are a fully qualified teacher, you can register to take part.

   For Candidates

Our expert team will match you with suitable schools who you’ll join interviews with throughout the day. Your Engage consultant will be there to guide you through the process and make it as simply and undaunting as possible! They will have worked hard behind the scenes to make suitable matches, pairing up passionate teachers with schools they could thrive in. You’ll likely have more than one or two virtual interviews during the day – your consultant will run through the schedule once you have registered. Interviews are usually shorter than average and serve as a way to introduce yourself and your skills to the school. Most schools will offer a more in-depth interview afterwards to candidates that they feel might be a good fit. We’ll be there every step of the way to support you and offer help in any way that we can.

We think iday is one of the best ways for teachers to find opportunities in schools in the UK. Whether you are at home or abroad, register now to take part in the next iday.

   For schools

Taking part in virtual iday is a quicker, more efficient route to hiring great teachers. We take on all the admin work – shortlisting candidates that fulfil our strict compliance and qualification requirements and scheduling your interviews. Interviewing more than a couple of candidates can take days, or even weeks of your time the traditional way – but connecting with our worldwide network of teachers on iday can significantly reduce the time between deciding to hire a new teacher and seeing them inspire pupils in the classroom.

Schools have the opportunity to fill all of their vacancies both immediate and for September 2021 or beyond through our upcoming events, Book a consultation below to see how iday can benefit your schools recruitment process and get a Virtual Booth at the next event!


Take Part - Book A Virtual Booth

Take advantage of all the benefits of our popular iday events. Book a chat with one of our expert team to find out more


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