What is it like transitioning into the British National Curriculum?

Posted by Nina Boniface
03 November 2016 |
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Teaching in England is a pretty easy transition from an Australian or New Zealand school environment.
It’s also similar to Canadian or American schools. You won’t feel like you’re out of your depth in terms of content or structure, but there will be new jargon and terminology to learn.
National Curriculum
There is a National Curriculum so it won’t differ if you want to start in one part of England and move to another location down the track. You can read more about the British National Curriculum here: Website
Accreditation and QTS
If you have full accreditation in your home country you can most likely gain British Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) without doing anything except applying with proof of your qualification. Newly qualified teachers can work for up to four years in England without needing to have QTS. QTS can also be gained by a new teacher while in the UK. It’s similar to your induction year in your own country.
Either way, we pay all of our teachers based on the British pay scale.
If you’re from New Zealand, you’ll be able to put up to a year of UK experience towards your New Zealand accreditation. In Australia, you have to do all accreditation in Australian schools, but your pay will increase based on your time in England, when you return.
Primary and Secondary Schools
Here is a video we have made that helps to explain the British school system and how the years are named and structured: The British Education System
The primary curriculum is often seen as an easier one to work from than in other countries. It is very prescriptive and there are set literacy and numeracy times in each day.
It’s also nice to have a week off every 6 weeks as well, and new teachers have time plan for the second half of the term (and have some down time too!)
Professional Development
All of our teachers have access to Educational leaders and other teachers like them who have UK experience when they arrive, during an Induction day we hold. Our teachers are given practical advice and help to get started in their schools. It is also a great networking event, where lots of new teachers meet and build connections. On an ongoing basis, we have continued Continued Professional Development (CPD)  available to all our teachers, as well as a number of social events throughout the academic year. Why not take a look at our CPD and Social calendar, to get a taste for what we have going on this year!
If you are interested in securing daily work or a contract in a British school, please register with us here: https://engage-education.com/