Why should you teach in the UK?

Katherine Gibson
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Why should you teach in the UK?

Are you sitting around waiting for the phone to ring to get a day of work?

There is work available year round for early years, primary, secondary and special needs teachers as well as support staff in state, faith and independent schools all over England.

You don’t have to wait for the phone to call or do general cover every day while you wait for a role to miraculously appear.
You can have your own class and experience feeling ‘in demand’ in England. The curriculum is similar and you’re offered support from our schools and professional partners at ‘Creative Education’ to help you transition into the British system with ongoing professional development.

Do you find yourself still working in your ‘uni’ job long after University has finished?

Do you give up your non-teaching job in the hope you will get some casual work and find you have ditched your dependable job to be available to schools that never call? You need to feel secure that there is work for you when you are getting started as a teacher. We guarantee work for teachers every day, or pay them anyway! You can choose to start on supply or in a contract in England. No need to keep scanning those groceries when you qualify.

Are you starting to wonder whether you should consider another career?

You can easily lose confidence in your skills as a teacher unless you use all the things you have learnt at university and on practicum straight away. You need to jump straight into teaching and not look back. If you are thinking you may have chosen the wrong career, it may just be that you are not getting to teach in the right schools or are not getting the support you need. It isn’t much fun teaching maths all day if you are a music teacher either. Teaching in England means you can start straight away, in a school and a role that will suit you.

Are you desperate to travel but don’t have the $$$$$ you need to live out of a suitcase for a year?

Before you get settled in a school and offered permanency close to home, you may want to get that travel bug out of your system. It is a great idea to go before you’re cemented into a position at home. You can also use teaching to supplement your travel plans and adventures in Europe and beyond.
Teaching in an amazing career choice – you can work in so many countries and the British National Curriculum will be a great foot in the door in International schools all over the world. They also want teachers to have two years experience, so get it in England and then see where it takes you next. Our teachers travel in the 13 weeks they have off and see Europe and explore the northern hemisphere.

Do you need something to stand out on your CV when you are applying for the five hundredth job application?

You will be surprised how many doors start to open for you back in your home country after your CV shows you have made a career focused decision and jumped into a position in the UK. You will develop professionally in England, often have opportunities to progress quickly into roles of responsibility and on return, you will have great ideas and skills to bring to a school back home. You will also have made friendship and professional relationships that will last a lifetime. Not to mention the memories.
Maybe you should teach in the UK.

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