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31st August 2021

What Is Teaching In The UK Like?

One of the great benefits of choosing the teaching profession is that there are jobs for qualified teachers all over the world. Teaching in England is one of the more attractive offers to Australians. Not only are schools in the UK set up in a similar way, but the UK continues to suffer a long-term teacher shortage. With the number of pupils in Secondary schools due to rise by 17% before 2027, UK schools really need passionate teachers who want to progress their careers – making it a top choice for Australians.

So What’s Teaching In The UK Really Like For Australians?

   Schools Are Similiar

The UK has a world-class education system that is comparable to the Australian school system in lots of ways. From high levels of government funding compared to other countries to similar pay for teachers, you’ll find there are many similarities as soon as you start researching a move to England.  Schools are modern with good facilities in the state sector and class sizes can be slightly larger than in Australia – class size is capped at 30 in the UK and 25 here. Find out more about term dates in the UK compared to Australia here:   Australian School Years Compared To The UK.

   It’s Social

The UK is currently home to over 120,000 Australians! There’s a vibrant Australian ex-pat community spread across the country but especially in London and the South East. You’ll find Australians living, working and socialising in all corners of the country though. Try Facebook for groups that arrange meet-ups for Australians living in the UK

The Curriculum and Workload Are COmparable

The equivelant of the National Curriculum in most commonwealth countries has significant similarities – it makes it significantly easier to recruit inspiring teachers from all over the world to bring their experiences and new ideas to UK classrooms. You can read about the National Curriculum in the UK and what it entails here on the UK government website. 

Teachers in the UK work an average of 46 hours a week, according to a recent study. Australian teachers work an average of 47.9 hours per week – go here for some fun ideas of what to do with your extra hour!

   It’s Challenging

There’s a broad spectrum of need for teachers not just in mainstream schools in the UK, but in SEND and Pupil Referral units too. Supporting children who are struggling with a physical disability or other barriers to accessing education is a highly rewarding career path that many of our Australian teachers choose to take once they are here. There’s also strong progression opportunities available to qualified teachers – our Partnership and Development team can work with you to grow your career if you register with us. Find out more about them here.


Gaining experience working abroad is one of the most beneficial things that anyone can do to develop their skills and confidence. For educators, the opportunity to travel and teach can really impact your long-term career in a positive way. Teachers who stay in the UK can progress quickly as there is a lack of experienced teachers moving into leadership and headship roles in UK schools. If you return to Australia to continue your teaching career, your experience working in another country will make you a better teacher – putting you head and shoulders above other candidates.

Teach In The UK With Engage Education

Whatever your reasons for wanting a change, travelling to teach in the UK can be a turning point in many Australian’s teaching careers. Working with an agency with an expert reputation for relocating teachers is your best bet – and we think we are that agency! We can support you in every aspect of your move to the UK, from ensuring you are eligible to landing you your dream role in a UK school.

Take On The Challenge - Schools In The UK Need You

Teaching in the UK could transform your career. Register with the agency that can make your teaching & travelling dream a reality:


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