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14th July 2017

What do Australian and New Zealand teachers have to say about iday?

What do Australian and New Zealand teachers have to say about iday?

We are proud that we have been able to introduce teachers from Australian and New Zealand to UK schools directly at our iday events in London and Leeds.

For 6+ years, we have been flying selected candidates to the UK for a week-long professional experience where they can interview with up to 8 schools in one location (iday), spend a day gaining insight into the British Education System and then two full days to visit and teach in schools that are impressed with them from the iday event.

Teachers are then provided with their offers of employment and with an over 94% success rate, the vast majority of our teachers fly home at the end of the week with a great position lined up in a school they now know well and staff they have met for an agreed start date.

Our iday teachers have the weekend to have a guided tour of London and attend an interview prep evening. This week long experience is reserved for teachers who really want to work in England and are committed to the chance of finding the right role.

If you know your career is heading to England and you want to make sure that the school you work out has the support you need and is the right fit, talk to us about securing a place at our November iday.

Are you free to travel from November 10th-19th 2017 to gain a great role starting in early January 2017?

You will need a valid passport, a positive attitude and a love of teaching!

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Here is what some teachers say about their iday experience.

“Throughout the lead up to iday the consultants in Australia were very helpful, regularly checking in with me and making sure I was fully prepared and had all my questions answered. Once in London, Engage Education made sure that we were well looked after. I arrived at iday and after having interviews with 11 different schools, sure enough, I was left with a difficult choice because almost all of them sounded like they had potential! I then had the opportunity to visit two of those schools and by the end of the week, I had been offered and accepted a job at a school that I think is going to really suit me. Whilst exhausting, the trip was well worth it as I had fun, met lots of other enthusiastic young teachers like myself and most importantly headed home with a full-time job for September. I would definitely recommend Engage Education (Teaching Jobs London) to anyone trying to find a job in the UK without the hassle and stress of having to organise it for yourself. You will not regret it!”

Katie Q, attended iday in 2017

“By attending the week-long iday event, I was able to have face-to-face interviews with Head Teachers of schools that had been matched with me due to my priorities for my time teaching overseas. This was a very valuable experience as I was able to take my pick of the number of schools that I interviewed with. From there, I was matched with two incredible schools and attended each of these institutions for a day to teach and get a feel for the school environment and culture. After a busy week, I was offered a position at a school that I absolutely love.”

Katie M, attended iday in 2016

 uk 970.jpg

Courtney and Katie (above)

“They have supported me every step of the way. The process started with an all-expenses-paid trip to London where I interviewed with 7 different schools in a speed-dating style format. These initial schools were selected for me based on previous criteria and preferences I had discussed with Engage. I then selected my preferred two schools and spent a day at each, meeting staff and students, teaching a lesson and touring the school. I was offered positions at both these schools and was able to choose the school that best fitted my preferences and aspirations.

Engage also helped with the tricky and sometimes messy stuff, from visas, temporary accommodation, getting set up with bank accounts etc. While moving to the other side of the world can be daunting, Engage made every effort to make the transition as smooth and manageable as possible.”

Courtney N, attended iday in 2015

“From the start, the whole process was made very easy through the tireless efforts of our Australian consultant Katherine Gibson. No matter what issues came arose Katherine was always more than willing to help, regardless of the issue. When we touched down in London from the moment we left the plane Engage Education was on top of everything.”

Hayden S, attended iday in 2015

“Just wanted to give you an update on iday so far! We are all loving it! We met everyone yesterday’s day and spent last night and today together, everyone else is so beautiful and we all get along great! Here are some group shots from our adventures today!

Thank you again for this experience and we look forward to updating you after for interviews tomorrow :)”

Delena, attended iday in 2016


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At Engage, we work hard to make sure all our teachers and support staff have a satisfying work/life balance, providing training opportunities, wellbeing support, retail discounts and exclusive travel deals. Our teachers from Australia have the ability to satisfy their travel bug and explore the UK and Europe in the school holidays, knowing that they’re getting the support of Engage when they return to work next term.

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