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29th November 2016

Top 10 websites and apps to use when teaching and living in England!

Top 10 websites and apps to use when teaching and living in England! By Teaching Jobs London

While living in a completely new country, there are times when you might get lost, struggle to find trains or need to find accommodation that’s cheap and easy to book. This is my list of the top 10 websites and apps for living in England.


1. Citymapper
This app was my go to! I mean, even if I kind of knew where to go, I still checked in with my buddy, Citymapper.  Pop in your starting point, add your final destination, and Citymapper will do the rest. It includes walking, bus and train (and sometimes even catapult?!). You won’t regret this app!
2. Uber
I’m sure you have heard of Uber after all the dramas in Australia between Uber and Taxis, but in London, Uber is so easy! If you want a quick way home after a night out, or just have too many books to bring home after school to get on the bus and train, then Uber is a great option. Usually cheaper than a taxi (the traditional black cab is amazing but super exxy), you open the app, put in your destination, and you can watch as your Uber driver makes their way to you.
3. Megabus
Want to travel around England (and different cities in Europe) for as cheap as £1? Then Megabus is the best choice! Depending on where you are heading and how far out you book, you can pick up super cheap bus tickets all over. I remember heading to Bath for a weekend for £9 return.
4. TFL – Transport for London
Transport for London is the website that has timetables and rail work updates for buses, trains, the underground and national rail for London. You also can register and keep track of your balance on your Oyster card. I lost 5 Oyster cards during my year in London, so having it registered and being able to cancel my monthly pass was such a blessing.
5. Skyscanner
Feel like heading on a short trip somewhere in Europe but not wanting to pay a mint for flights? Your best go-to sites are RyanAir and EasyJet. They are very much ‘you get what you pay for’, but for £9.99 flights to different parts of Europe, you can’t really complain. Skyscanner is an app that allows you to search for flights.


1. AirBnB
No one should ever sign a contract or send money for a deposit before seeing the property, so that means booking something short term for when you first get over to England. AirBnB is a great option as you can stay in a property by yourself and live like you were in a home, or you can stay in a property with a live-in tenant and rely on their knowledge of the area to find something more permanent.
2. Spareroom
Living in Inner London in your own place can be SUPER expensive, so sharing with other people like you can be a great option. Spareroom gave me an Italian ‘family’ for 6 months, and a cute semi-detached place with 3 of my friends that I worked with.
3. Gumtree
Not only can you pick up some used furniture or concert tickets from Gumtree, it’s also a good place to source somewhere to live. There are a number of landlords that advertise their properties on Gumtree or people similar to you looking for housemates for the property that they are renting.
4. Engage Education Closed facebook group
(Shamless plug!) Who better to live with than other people that are in the same boat as you. Through the closed Engage Education Accommodation group, you can connect with other teachers in your area, and often these teachers will post any spare rooms that they have. Trust me when I say, it’s so much nicer to be living with people on the same time schedule as you!
When you’re heading getting ready to head over, your consultant will send the link!
5. Right Move
Have a group of friends to move in with, or just want your own place? Right Move is a really good site with LOTS of properties that are up for rent. Be aware that the rental market moves really quickly in the UK, so make sure when you see something you like on here, you go and have a look as soon as possible and sign the contract if you love it. If you don’t, the site is constantly being updated with new properties.
Picking your life up and moving to the other side of the world isn’t easy, but with some insider info  from these apps and websites, it does make your new life in the UK a little less daunting.

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