The UK School Year

Nina Boniface
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The British school year is very different to how the Australian and New Zealand year is structured, but similar to the US and Canada.

The year comprises of three terms and the Year starts in early September.
Term one runs from early September to  a few days before Christmas ( with a half term break of a week in October). There are two weeks break over Christmas and New Year
Term two starts in early January and runs through to Easter. There is a half term break of a week in February and then two weeks off over Easter.
Term three starts usually midway through April and runs until mid-late July, with a half term break of a week in May.
Summer holidays are from late July until early September. All up there are 13 weeks of holiday and you never teach for more than 6 weeks without at least a week off.
You can travel in each season and our returning teachers often wish they could keep the same structure they were used to in England, as half term breaks seem to save sanity!
When should you arrive to teach in England?
The best time to plan to arrive in order to take up a contract position is for the start of Term 1 (September) or Term 2 (January), although the need is so high we can also help teachers into contract mid-term and for the beginning of Term 3 in April.
If you would like guaranteed daily supply, rather than a contract to start with, we can pretty much guarantee that any time of the year that schools are open. We call it our SGP contract. We guarantee you work every day, and if we cannot find you work we pay you anyway at 100% of the daily rate of pay.

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