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25th April 2017

The types of work we offer!

The types of work we offer – Overseas
Everyone has a different reason for deciding to live and teach in England. Some people are looking to dive head first into a long-term contract with possibilities to progress and develop.
For some people, they’re moving to England permanently and are looking for a school willing to commit to them on a permanent basis from day one.
Other teachers are planning to travel and take time out from a full-time role at home or want to ease themselves into the British National Curriculum by choosing day to day work.
We offer work options for all types of teachers, so there is no one size fits all approach to finding the right teaching role. We also offer work for support staff in schools all over England.

Are you planning to stay for a short amount of time or want to do lots of travel? Maybe you will arrive part way through a school term?

Day to day work may be the best plan for you. We offer a ‘Secure Guaranteed Supply’ contracts for teachers who want the flexibility of supply but the security of knowing they have work lined up every day. If we cannot find you work on a particular day, you are paid anyway, at the full daily rate.
You will work in schools in your area and have a dedicated consultant and team who will help you navigate your way to each school and help you to get back into the schools you enjoy the most. This contract will allow you to transition into a full-time role when the time is right. You can manage your availability and take time off during term time if you need to. Be prepared to teach outside of your specialist area and in primary as well as secondary is you are secondary trained.

Do you like the idea of having your own class, going to the same school every day and having a mentor when you get started?

Teachers who are interested in working in one school in a fixed term contract are able to select a role that is the right fit before they arrive. There are many benefits of working in a contract. Teachers who accept a contract also gain a mentor if they are a new graduate. They will know where they are going every day, build rapport with their students, teach within their area of expertise and also meet and build friendships with coworkers. If you take up a contract, you also return home with an excellent experience to add to your CV. Progression can be very quick for teachers in the UK as well, so you may enjoy taking on additional and more senior roles more quickly than you would at home. Again this is a great long-term career strategy.
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How do you secure a contract in one school?

You can secure a contract before you arrive via phone and skype interviews with schools that match your skills, experience and preferences. You also may be selected to attend one of our award winning iday events in London or Leeds to meet lots of schools in person, visit your preferred schools, attend professional development and secure a role for an agreed start date later in the year. The week is at no expense to the selected teachers and it allows the most transparent approach to school selection. We have held 60+ of these week long events in the last six years and well over 1000 teachers have secured a position via an iday visit.

Are you making the move permanently or need a school to sponsor you to work in the UK?

If you do not have access to a visa to work in the UK or plan to live permanently there you should look at a permanent position with a school, where they offer you a permanent contract.
This allows you to feel very secure in your school’s commitment if you are ready to be there long term.
It doesn’t matter what kind of work you want, we will be able to help support you into the British education system with bespoke professional development from our partners at Creative Education, support with visa applications and compliance documentation and advice with accommodation, banking and insurance. We also make sure you become part of the Engage family and the many social events we hold year-round.
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Get in touch and we can help you plan your UK teaching experience and make sure you get the work you want.

Your career. Your choice.

With Engage, you choose how you work. From full-time permanent roles, to day-to-day supply work, we’ll work hard to make sure you have satisfying and secure work when you need it, with access to our comprehensive support and training programme. We respect your career ambitions and goals, and will make sure your work, works for you. Register today to start your adventure in the UK.

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