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15th November 2018

Teaching in the UK for Australian teachers: what you need to know

A go-to guide to getting started.

Most people know that there is a lot of work for teachers in London and across England, but actually securing a great role and transitioning to the UK can be a very positive or difficult and stressful situation. It comes down to the help you receive.

To get started and teach in the UK you need to work with a transparent and supportive agency who will help you select the right teaching job. Your agency will make sure you are paid correctly, have the right documents and visa to work in the UK and help you with your accommodation and banking and offer professional development and social events to help you fit in and succeed in your role.

Should I use an teaching agency or find a job myself?

Teaching agencies have mixed reputations so be careful and do your homework to find the right agency for you. Teachers want a great supportive school, being paid to scale and accessing perks like a loyalty or relocation bonus and discounts with partner companies. Teachers appreciate the chance to meet and interview with schools in person. The right agency will offer one on one mentoring, group professional development sessions and social events to its teachers free of charge.

What kind of teaching work is best in the UK?

Everyone has a different piece of advice about whether supply work or a contract in one school is the best way to get started as a teacher in London.

The right contract allows you to teach within your areas of expertise, know where you are going every day and build rapport with students and gain support from staff. Supply work requires less planning and preparation and is more flexible if you want to travel in term time but can be hard work behaviour management wise and involve travelling all over the city.

Find an agency that offers both without a fixed agenda.

Questions to ask your agency:

  1. What pay options do you offer? ( make sure they have payroll provider, PAYE and permanent salary options available)Also make sure the agency pays you based on your years of experience, based on the British teacher payscale and covers any employer national insurance contributions.
  2. What types of schools do you work with? Make sure they are not just servicing one trust of schools and have real variety.
  3. How do I select a school? Find an agency that invests in flying you to England to meet and interview with multiple schools in person to select the right role.
  4. What support do you offer? Your agency should have a specialist team of educational support staff who can offer one on one support and who provide regular PD sessions.
  5. Do you have any perks? Try and find an agency that offers a loyalty bonus which is not a golden handcuff. A free flight is NEVER a free flight. A quality agency will have developed relationships with companies that can offer teachers great discounts.
  6. Where are your schools? Make sure you school have options not only in London, but in other locations in England. You don’t want to be stuck somewhere with no options to relocate to other locations.
  7. Does your agency help with my move to England? A quality agency can introduce you to teachers with accommodation as well as set up real estate appointments and make a bank appointment for you and answer all your relocation questions.
  8. Has your agency been recognised? It always helps to know your agency has been recognised as a top educational service for schools and teacher. Ask them if they have any awards or accolades and ask for testimonials from teachers just like you.

Teaching in England is a great way to kick start your career. A consultant from Teaching Jobs London can help you get started and secure the right job with lots of support and perks.

Your support network in the UK

At Engage, we do our best to help you connect with our other Australian and Kiwi teachers in England – people who can show you how to settle in, and where all the best bars are! We’ll also give you a £1000 relocation bonus over your first year to help you find your feet in your new home.

When you register with Engage, you’re helping your education career to flourish, while benefiting from all the support we have to offer.


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