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28th March 2019

Support for Teachers Relocating to the UK

The United Kingdom is a fantastic location for Australian teaching graduates looking to springboard their career. Well-funded schools, unrivalled opportunity for promotion, and great benefits make the UK a go-to destination for NQTs the world over. However, making the decision to move to another country can be daunting. Finding a job over timezones, navigating the logistics of moving, and arranging for visas and other travel documents without help can feel like you’re stumbling around in the dark.

How do we help?

In order to connect UK schools with enthusiastic and skilled international teachers, Engage Education has set out to make the relocation process as easy as possible. Not only do we find positions for international teachers at great schools, we get you face-to-face interviews with these employers through our award-winning iday events and provide support throughout the entire relocation process, so you know that everything will be arranged for you before you arrive.

We’re the most respected and credible international education recruitment agency in Australia, in no small part due to our team of four  Qualified ex-teachers in New South Wales who have taught in England, Australia, and many other countries internationally. They can help you build your teaching resumé with international experience.

If you’re still unsure of the kind of support Engage can offer you, you’re also invited to join us at our award-winning iday event, where you’ll receive interview and resumé prep in the days before meeting face-to-face with our vetted, hand-selected schools for interviews at all levels, for all specialisms. iday is a no-strings-attached, completely free event, including flights, accomodation, and travel. 94% of attendees to iday receive a job offer at the end of the day – all we ask of you is that you dedicate yourself to the interview preparation and process with enthusiasm.

We believe iday removes the traditional barriers for international education recruitment by getting teachers and schools face-to-face, giving you a sense of whether the position is the right fit, instead of relying solely on video conferencing interviews.

Before you relocate to the UK you will receive:

  • Contact with your own personal Engage consultant, selected for you from our Engage Education international Australia office. Your consultant has UK-based teaching experience and will be your point of contact throughout your relocation process.
  • Support from your second Engage consultant, who will be your point of contact here in the UK to connect you with schools and other Aussie teachers who have already settled in your chosen area of the UK.
  • Free flights, accomodation and travel to iday in the UK.
  • Complete career advice to set you up in your new role; including interview and resumé preparation, and eventually interviews with schools at iday.
  • Visa and relocation support, such as visa eligibility advice tailored to your personal circumstances, signposting for what documents you will need on arrival, and the governing bodies you need to apply to for your transition to go smoothly.
  • Total support in creating a UK bank account, finding your new home, and setting up your UK mobile phone.

Our support doesn’t stop once you have arrived in the UK, as you will need assistance settling into your new home and, of course, your new teaching job! Engage will remain on standby to ensure you make contact with your new school and likeminded Aussie teachers – ensuring you have a support network waiting for you when you arrive.

Once you have arrived in the UK and begin working at your new school, you will benefit from:

  • Full support from our Community & Wellbeing Executive, who relocated to the UK himself from Canada – so he knows just what you’re facing! Donato will make you aware of all relevant CPD events, as well as arranging fun social events for you and other teachers.
  • Donato will also support you as your first point of contact for the Teaching & Learning partnership, alongside Mike and Jay. The Teaching & Learning partnership will pinpoint any opportunities for constructive feedback, liaise with your school, provide on-site visits and collaborate with you to ensure positive professional development and personal wellbeing.
  • Free and unrestricted access to our CPD events, which cover a range of topics such as Team Teach, Literacy & Phonics Strategies, Behaviour Management & Safeguarding, Autism, Assessment & Revision, Teaching, Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties, and Engaging disengaged students.
  • 24/7 emotional and wellbeing support from the Education Support Partnership Employee Assistance Program, which provides counselling and therapy to Engage teachers facing difficulties.

We don’t believe that our job is finished once we have simply placed you in one of our outstanding teaching roles. Whether you choose to take flexible daily supply work, long-term cover work, or a permanent role, Engage will be on hand every step of the way to ensure you enjoy success and security in your new and exciting UK teaching career.

Supply teachers on our SGP contracts get paid every week, whether you work for that week or not, so you’ll never be left waiting until the end of term to receive your pay packet, allowing you to plan your new life in the UK on your terms. You will be given all information about the work we have for you in a completely transparent and honest way, so you can make an informed decision on what kind of teaching work you want to take on.

In the unlikely event that you have any problems in your placement, your Engage consultants have the local knowledge and teaching expertise to work with you to find and implement a solution. We take being present and accountable very seriously, so you can always get in touch with your consultant, or with our specialised Wellbeing & Support team.

We’ve sourced thousands of teachers for schools who are grateful for the perspective that an international teacher brings to their institution. The UK teaching climate means that you’ll be facing promotion potentially much sooner than you would in Australia, giving you the opportunity to progress at a rate that matches your enthusiasm. If you’re hoping to fast track your teaching career, get in touch with our dedicated Australian team who will be happy to discuss your career goals with you and find your dream teaching position in the UK.

Your career. Your choice.

With Engage, you choose how you work. From full-time permanent roles, to day-to-day supply work, we’ll work hard to make sure you have satisfying and secure work when you need it, with access to our comprehensive support and training programme. We respect your career ambitions and goals, and will make sure your work, works for you. Register today to start your adventure in the UK.

For more help finding teaching jobs in London, contact the Engage team today!


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