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11th October 2021

Choosing A Teaching Agency: What To Look For


Once you’ve made a decision to teach abroad, your next step is to choose a teaching agency that will support your job search, relocation and continued development and success in your role. There are several large agencies that specialise in overseas teacher recruitment – we’re one of them. But whether you chose to work with Engage or not, there are certain things that we know are important to the hundreds of teachers in our global network.

Here’s what you should look for when choosing a teaching agency:


As a service-based business, reputation is important. Feedback and reviews form a great starting point when researching which agency. Ask friends and colleagues who have already made the move which agencies they have worked with or heard recommended. Online, it’s worth bearing in mind that in every industry, people are more likely to complain than share positive feedback -but genuine reviews are out there.


There are several elements to an overseas move, so working with people who know the process will ensure you have all the bases covered. From checking you have the right type of visa and the required qualifications and advising on location and accommodation options to driving your career forward with ongoing training, the right agency will be able to advise you every step of the way.

Training and Development

Once you are in the UK, you’ll find there are a wide variety of training and professional development opportunities available through different avenues. Schools may provide training on specific issues or specialisms and you might choose to seek out independent training to support your own career goals. Agencies often offer training opportunities too – it’s worth researching whether they offer continuous professional development to their candidates.


The UK needs teachers from all over the world to rectify a teacher shortage that hasn’t improved over the pandemic. For qualified teachers from abroad, choosing to work in the UK offers opportunities from specialisms to senior leadership and your agency should help you to take the next step in your career, when you are ready. Explore an agency’s vacancies and speak with your consultant about the opportunities open to you now, and in the future – a great agency will be keen to support your long term career goals


Lots of agencies offer their candidates benefits to register with them. This is great for the agency, as it improves their overall offering, and great for teachers who might be offered free CPD, retail or online discounts or relocation bonuses. It’s definitely not the most important factor, but perks like these are a nice extra, especially if you are new to a country.

We think we offer our candidates all this and more. Our relocation experts are ex-teachers who have worked in UK schools and are perfectly placed to advise you on every aspect of your possible move. Of course, it’s important to make up your own mind. If you are just starting to plan, ready for a change or aren’t happy with the support and opportunities on offer from your current agency, explore more reasons why Engage could be the right choice:

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