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20th November 2019

Teaching methods: every student is different & your methods should reflect this

There are different types of teaching methods which can be used depending on your teaching personality, the requirements of your pupils, and your preferred style of teaching. The different types of teaching methods can be categorised into four broad categories:

  • Teacher-Centred Methods
  • Learner-Centred Methods
  • Content-focused Methods
  • Interactive Methods

Teacher-Centred Methods

A teacher employing a teacher-centred method of teaching casts themselves as the master of the subject at hand, and the pupils as passive recipients of knowledge. The lessons will typically follow a lecture structure, requiring little to no involvement from the pupils in the learning process. These methods can also be called ‘closed-ended’.

Learner-Centred Methods

In a learner-centred method, the teacher is also a learner at the same time, employing discussions and inquiry to approach learning via conversations. In using this method, the teacher is still the authority figure but students play an equally active role in the learning process, and can even teach the teacher a thing or two!

Content-Focused Methods

When using a content-focused method of teaching, the information and skills to be learned are very important, and emphasis is laid on the clarity and analysis of specific content. This could be the analysis of a poem, or study of a particular element. In these examples, the content itself cannot be changed, just observed and discussed.

Interactive Methods

Interactive methods lay no particular emphasis on the teacher, learner, or content. Instead they use interaction between all three to create learning. An example of an interactive method of teaching would be brainstorming, lessons as games (i.e. the ‘fly-swatting’ game), or “Think, Pair & Share” approaches to learning.

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