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27th November 2018

Poster ideas for school projects which are fun and educational

Poster ideas for school projects: why posters are fun and educational

Poster projects are an excellent way of getting your pupils enthusiastic about a subject. They’re also highly versatile, as a poster can showcase knowledge on any subject. This makes them a fun and adaptable way to cement knowledge and inspire creativity and classroom discussion.

Try using posters to showcase some foreign language or maths activities, maps for geography classes or sheets of music. Or try combining inspiring quotes with images of great leaders, creatives and innovators throughout history.  

Posters can also be themed around events commonly celebrated by schools, such as World Book Week. Get your pupils to make posters that incorporate quotes or characters from their favourite book and create a literature-themed display perfect for boosting your pupils’ enthusiasm for reading.

Fun and educational: how posters support VAK style learning

One of the reasons that posters are such a brilliant classroom activity is because they cater to all three of the VAK learning styles, powerfully benefiting your pupils’ learning no matter how they prefer to absorb information.

The aesthetic aspects of a poster project make it an especially good teaching tactic for visual learners, who will be delighted at the challenge of presenting all of their knowledge on an impressive poster. It will give them the chance to incorporate words, drawings, diagrams and even photographs for a truly visual learning experience.

Drawing, cutting, measuring and making a poster also offers pupils a much more-hands-on approach than is common in education. This is beneficial in many ways, but is particularly ideal for kinesthetic learners who will really enjoy the practical process of creating the poster.

Finally, poster projects are almost always undertaken in groups, and the discussion that any creative and collaborative activity involves will benefit auditory learners. To make the experience particularly suited to an auditory learning style, encourage each team to give a presentation, talking the rest of the class through their work.

Poster ideas for school projects: which materials to use

Make sure that you have all the tools to make your poster project fun and educational for your pupils. Before the start of the task, gather a wide range of materials such as:

  1. Coloured pens, pencils and crayons
  2. Coloured paper and/or card
  3. Plenty of pairs of scissors, with straight and crimped blades
  4. Templates of letters, pictures and whatever else is relevant for the topic of the posters
  5. Glue
  6. Glitter
  7. Interestingly textured things, such as sweet wrappers, tissue paper or even faux fur

Giving pupils the chance to experiment and create posters with a range of different materials will enhance their creativity and enable them to express themselves as well as display their knowledge about the subject.

Poster ideas for school projects: what to do next

Your students have produced beautiful posters showcasing the things they have learned in your class. Excellent. But the benefits of poster making don’t end here.

After your class has finished their posters, put them up on the wall in a brilliant display. Displaying pupils’ work on the wall has been found to boost their motivation and encourage them to take pride in their accomplishments.

Putting up classroom displays also has the effect of making your classroom look fantastic. Make sure that all of your pupils’ posters are included and that they are positioned at students’ eye level within the classroom – the better to be seen and commented on.

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