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30th June 2021

4 Back To School Tricks To Save Time In September

If there is one time in a teacher’s year that they could make the most of teaching tricks and hacks, it’s back-to-school. Whether you are teaching in the UK or elsewhere, the start of a new academic year is the most significant date in any teachers diary – our hacks will help make it less stressful! Don’t forget, you can find loads of top teacher hacks over on Pinterest too.


Ways to reduce and manage your workload are the most important tricks for busy teachers. A bit of extra planning before the start of term can make your whole year easier! Start with a diary-based hack – check your school’s calendar and pencil in last year’s important dates – it will give you a great rough guide for planning your year.


Looking after yourself is just as important in September as any other month. Finding ways to make wellbeing a priority as well as get everything else done is key. We all know the basics – drink plenty of water (we like these hacks from Huffpost), eat as many green vegetables as you can and make sure you make time for hobbies or things that help you unwind. If you are an app lover, there’s a great list of mindfulness and meditation apps for teachers here!


We know lots of teachers that go above and beyond when decorating their classroom, but for some, it’s another task to add to your to-do list. Plan ahead – when you know what topics you’ll be covering over the year you can plan how you want your classroom to look and change throughout the term.  We’ve put together a Beginner’s Guide To Classroom Decorating here.


You can never have enough stationery! It’s not really a hack, but it will certainly help you at the start of term to stock-check your personal equipment and top up your supplies. We’ve put together a checklist of basic items that most teachers will need (and some they might like to have!) which you can print off here.


Not everything will go to plan in the first week of term. Having a selection of easy, quiet and independent activities that you can give your class when things have gone awry or you need to focus on one individual can make problems seem more manageable when they arise. For example, you might like to have some activities for pupils who finish their work early, or a blow-off-steam game if your class are struggling to settle. Collecting a tried-and-tested batch of activities you can fall back on will make difficult situations much more manageable in the moment.


With a lot to think about at the beginning of a new term, it’s easy to throw yourself into school life and forget about your personal career development. A Professional Development Plan will help keep your career progress on track. As you get to know your class and school you may find areas that you wish to study further and want to seek out relevant CPD. Keeping your Professional Development Plan up to date will assist when you are thinking about the next stage of your career. Check out how Engage candidates can get free high-quality CPD here!


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