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Engage Education is an award winning teacher recruitment agency with partner schools across the UK. We prioritise getting to know our teachers so we can match them with roles that truly reflect their skills, experience and ambitions. Starting your job search with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3!



Fill in our online registration form with a few details: your name, your location, your subject and the kind of post you’re looking for. We keep all of our teachers’ information completely confidential and never share data with third parties.

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Within 24 hours of registration, you’ll receive a call from an Engage Education consultant. He or she will want to learn as much as possible about you, your teaching style, your career goals and the kind of school you feel would suit you best. 

Your consultant will help you get organised so that any documents you might need for interviews are prepared in advance, and will answer any questions you have about how our recruitment process works.  


Interview for jobs

Next, we’ll arrange appropriate job interviews for you - and help you get ready for them. We can support you with preparation for them via Skype, over the phone or in person, so you go into your chosen schools feeling completely confident. Once you’ve visited the schools we match you with, you’ll be able to discuss the job offers you receive with your Engage Education consultant. Whichever role you pick will always be entirely your choice: you’ll never be under pressure to accept any teaching post you don’t feel is right for you.

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Learn about our iday events, where we match hundreds of teachers with schools in the UK.

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"Coming to the UK as an NQT, I had an induction tutor as well as a Mentor and their help was invaluable..." - Emma M.

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Flexible Work Options

We know that not every teacher wants to work in the same way. That’s why Engage Education offers a range of contract types. 

Simply tell us whether you’re looking for daily supply work, a temporary job, a part time teaching post or something more permanent, and we’ll find you a role that suits your needs.


Long Term Contract

Benefits: Career progression, mentoring and an opportunity to gain QTS.

Choose from one of the following paths:

  • iday
  • Skype/Telephone Interview

We specialise in placing teachers via phone and Skype interviews, several months out from your UK arrival. This is a popular choice for those teachers who are unable to attend our iday events.


Secure Guarantee Pay (SGP) Contract

Benefits: Flexible and secure, guaranteed pay, opportunity for Long Term contract.

Our SGP contract is great for teachers who are seeking variety and flexibility in their work, but also want the security of knowing they’ll have a regular income. 

Under our SGP contract, we’ll aim to have you working in a supply post for five days each week during term time. You’ll work at a range of schools within a specified area, where we will put you at the highest priority to offer bookings to, but we will pay you regardless of finding you work or not. 


Daily Supply

Benefits: Flexible, no commitment, work often planned for you.

Not sure you want to teach every day? No problem. Engage Education’s Daily Supply option allows you complete control, giving you the opportunity to work on an ad hoc basis as and when it suits you. 

If you have interests and commitments outside your working life, opting for Daily Supply work will allow you to strike a balance that feels right. 



Benefits: Long Term Job security, mentoring and progression opportunities.

If you’re ready to commit to working in a school long term, accepting a permanent teaching post may be the right choice for you. 

If you decide to accept a permanent job, Engage Education will no longer be a partner in your pastoral and professional development. Instead, your school will take responsibility for helping you to keep your career moving forward. 

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