How can iday help my school?

iday is the smart, straightforward solution to finding the teachers your school needs. Participate in an iday event and you’ll be able to interview multiple candidates for the roles you need filled, all in one place and on a single day. 

Engage Education will save you the time and money you’d usually spend on advertising, processing job applications and interviewing unsuitable candidates - over periods that we know can extend into weeks and even months. 

Let us search our UK and international databases for teachers that we think could be the right fit for your school, then meet them in person at your dedicated iday booth.  

Participate in an iday event and we’re confident you’ll find the staff you need efficiently, economically and effortlessly.

Step 1

Reserve your place at the iday event of your choice.

Step 2

Receive an iprofile and references for each candidate.

Step 3

Interview multiple, pre-selected candidates face to face.

Step 4

Observe your chosen teachers in a classroom at your own school.

Step 5

Hire the teachers of your choice!

Take part in an iday?

Hiring teachers is easy when you participate in one of our award winning iday events! First, register your interest in iday either online, on the phone or by dropping into your nearest Engage Education office. We’ll provide you with all the information you need about an upcoming event near you, reserve your spot and help you to get ready for the big day.

Your dedicated Engage Education consultant will take the time to learn about your school and properly understand your requirements. Our goal is to match you with only the most suitable candidates for interview, so we’ll pre-select and pre-interview teachers from our database - as well as check their references - before we introduce them to you at iday. 

How does iday work?

When you partner with Engage Education at an iday event, you can interview up to 10 candidates for multiple vacancies in a single day. On iday itself, you’ll arrive early to set up your booth, then meet and greet the teachers we think could be a good fit for you. Remember, we carefully pre-select the candidates you’ll interview, and you’ll receive their iprofiles, CVs and references in advance of each meeting. Interviewing prospective teachers face to face gives you the chance to promote your school and tell them about the initiatives, ambitions and ethos that make it a great place to work. After you’ve met the teachers on Engage Education’s long list, you can short list those you'd like to see again. You’ll find out which of your top candidates want to take the step of visiting your school that week. Finally, you'll welcome your chosen candidates into your school so they can take a tour, meet your staff and show off their teaching talent in one of your classrooms! Once you’ve observed a teacher in action and feel satisfied that he or she is the right choice for your school, you can extend them an official job offer via Engage Education.

Start the search for quality teachers!

Contact Engage Education to meet and recruit skilled teachers for your school.

Upcoming iday Events

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