Teachers guide to applying for a UK visa

Posted by Nina Boniface
03 November 2016 |
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We know applying for a visa can seem complicated, however, if you follow these simple steps below it should be easy!

Teachers guide to applying for a UK visa.

1. Visit https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa to determine your visa eligibility for the UK
2. You should apply for your visa a maximum of 3 months before you are due to begin teaching in the UK.

This application has two parts: an Online Application and in-person Biometrics Appointment.

In Canada, teachers will submit the online portion of their application at: https://www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk/home/welcome
3. After you submit your online application and attend your Biometrics Appointment, your passport along with supporting documents will be mailed away to be processed.

This process takes 4-6 weeks. You will receive your passport in the mail, along with a visa letter.

It's a simple as that!