Have teaching certificate, will travel!

Posted by Nina Boniface
14 November 2016 |
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As a recent graduate, you may feel you’re confronted with a big choice after finishing school.

Do you do what you’re told by all of those “wanderlust” blogs that you follow and take off to see the world, or settle down into your career and start building the foundation for your professional future at home?

Well, for teachers, this impossible choice needn’t be so impossible. Being handed teacher qualifications is the equivalent of being handed a ticket around the world! You have the opportunity to build your career-specific skills, gain valuable experience working in your chosen vocation, and see so many places.

Here at Engage Education Canada, we’ve hooked up over Instagram with a bunch of our Canadian teachers who are currently teaching in the UK. Since UK schools have loads of breaks over the academic year, we are getting hit with a serious case of travel envy over here!
We’ve got teachers taking advantage of school breaks in Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Venice, Rome, Windsor, Capri, London, Ireland, Greece, India, Oxford, Scotland, Paris, and Poland just to name a few!
Check out a few of their photos on our Instagram - @engagecanada. Feel free to connect with some of our awesome teachers and see what they’ve been up to!
Disclaimer: serious travel envy is an almost unavoidable side effect. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.
Where would you travel for your half-term break?
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