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Posted by Nina Boniface
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Have you considered teaching in England from January 2018?

There are loads of benefits of teaching in England that you might not know about:

- You'll have 13 weeks off a year to explore Europe and beyond

- You can choose where you live - we'll ensure you get a job in that area

- Move over with other friends, so you can teach and explore together!

- We have a range of teaching options to suit everyone!

Supply teaching

We offer different types of supply teaching, from daily supply to fixed contracts. Daily supply means you let us know when you're available and we arrange work for you that week. A fixed supply contract means that you'll be available for supply every weekday - and whether we find you work or not, you're guaranteed the same amount of pay each week.

Long term contracts

You can also secure a long term position at a school in England, we'll put you in front of Headteachers from England so you can find the role and school that suits you. A long term role can mean anything from working at a school for 6 weeks or a whole year!

What's the best way to find a teaching job in England?

Attending an iday! iday is a week-long free trip to the UK which gives you the chance to meet Headteachers and visit schools in the area you'd like to live in.

We have two upcoming idays in November - one begins Monday 13th November, and the other on Monday 27th November.

We've helped thousands of teachers make the move overseas to England for teaching roles!

If you're considering the move, get in touch today - 1800 230 488